Banksy’s Identity to be Revealed via eBay

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and I still can’t but I’ll post on it anyway because Banksy is such a fascinating anomaly.  About an hour ago Mashable reported that someone on eBay is claiming to have uncovered Banksy’s true identity by matching tax records to revenue from pieces of artwork.  If this is the case, Banksy is seriously on top of taxes.  Anyway, this individual is actually selling his name on a piece of paper and promises to only reveal the information to the winner of the auction.  After 38 bids and 1 day 9 hours left to go, the price tag is up to $999,999.00.

Call me childish, but this really is analogous to the unmasking of a super hero.  As many recent articles have stated, Banksy has transcended the role of man and even artist to become something much larger, something that the word “brand” doesn’t even due justice.  Like Keith Haring and Andy Warhol his work has become so much bigger and more significant than that of any one man.

So, with this in mind, could the revealing of his identity somehow undo all of this?  Is Banksy’s superhero status built partially on the fact that his identity is unknown?  His work will become no less recognizable, but will it be held in the same regard?  Only time will tell…

UPDATE: The post has been removed by eBay.  Our caped crusader lives to see another day.


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