Nick Bertke is Remixing the World

Nick Bertke (aka Pogo) creates incredible audio/video remixes of his favorite shows and movies.  Essentially, he edits a/v content together to form totally unique interpretations of our favorite pieces of cinema.  You can check out his entire YouTube channel here.  But, what I think is really special about this guy (besides his killer Dexter remix, dubbed “Crimson”) is the next evolution of his work, which captures and remixes real life from around the world.

His latest release, entitled Joburg Jam conveys so much within a short time.  This really is the edge of remix culture as we know it.  Pogo is capturing completely original audio and video content and compiling it into something that is not only entertaining, but also moving.  This is a huge step forward for an extremely significant trend in our culture.  If you’re as stoked about this guy as I am right now, you can head over to Kickstarter where he’s collecting donations to fund his next project.


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