Life In A Day: A Crowdsourced Film Project

What a great year to be at Sundance.  So, many big headlines and from what I can tell from my apartment in Boulder some incredible films.  Tonight I was lucky enough to spend about an hour and a half of my evening watching the premiere of Life In A Day, live streamed through YouTube.  The movie, was essentially a crowdsourced film project, which was shaped from an initial 80,000 clips (4500 hours) that in it’s final version featured the work of over 300 people.  On July 24th, 2010 thousands of people from all over the world posted videos of their lives onto YouTube, responding to prompts from director Kevin Macdonald asking them to film their everyday experience while focusing on expressions of love, fear and the like.  All footage came from this single day.

I have to say, what came out of it was truly remarkable.  My agency has explored similar notions for potential clients, but it’s nice to see it coming to life in such an authentic manner.  I laughed.  I was saddened.  But, most of all, I felt connected, seeing people all over the world grasping with the same things I am on a daily basis – connection, love, my place in the universe.  A truly cutting edge and forward-thinking project that I look forward to seeing again.  If you missed it, you’ll have to live with the teaser until it’s released later this year.


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