Jim Beam’s ‘Bold Choice’ Campaign Commercial is Nearly Perfect and Here’s Why…

This very introspective commercial, starring Willem Dafoe is fantastic.  On the surface, Jim Beam explores the importance of the choices we make throughout our lives, urging us to side with ones that lead us down the road less traveled.  But, this piece is about much more than choices.  It’s about becoming the most complete version of ourselves, a notion that no doubt resonates strongly with their (I’m guessing) 23-40, male target.  You can run the car company or you can work for it.  You can be the showman or you can clean up after him.

The spot also plays well on the cultural notions associated, at this point in time, with American Whiskey, namely as being refined and experienced.  But, unlike scotch, not pretentious and showy.  Whiskey drinkers have been places, they have dirt under their fingernails, but they’re careful, namely, with their choices in life.

American Whiskey is enjoying a fantastic period of growth right now, due in small part to it’s integral role in popular culture (i.e. Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men).  But, it’s success is much bigger than that.  I personally think, it’s tied somehow to patriotism.  But, not the sort of “gun-toting, foreigner-hating” patriotism we often think of.  This is deeper than that.  Perhaps the only spirit that is uniquely ours, American whiskey is in our DNA.  And men who choose to drink it, are able to portray themselves as a refined American, that embodies uniqueness, as it’s not currently seen as a common choice.

Finally, to those who feel that I’ve read way too deeply into this, I say, do not underestimate the importance that a man places on his choice of libations.  At a bar, he knows his drink says a lot about who he is.  His drink, if chosen correctly, is a mimicked conversation piece that proves he is a bold individual.

Congrats to Strawberry Frog for their great work.


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