RISD Artreprenuer Toolkits

Even the Rhode Island School of Design knows how tough it can be to find meaningful employment after graduating in a recession.  To combat this, they’ve partnered with a number of companies to provide their graduates with entrepreneur (or artrepreneur) toolkits.

The kits “help these highly creative thinkers to maximize their potential for innovation and explore entrepreneurial possibilities”.  Included in them is a Square device allowing grads to process credit card payment via their mobile device, a six-month account from Prosite, the new portfolio platform from Behance, a 2GB Yousendit account good for six months, plus the possibility for an Etsy Fellowship for the graduate whose store shows the most potential.  Also worth noting is the Kickstarter section solely for RSID grads, enabling them to gain funding for their projects.

At first glance this may seem like nothing next to the price students pay to attend this prestigious design school, but in reality, these highly-creative graduates often need help with the left brain components of establishing themselves as entrepreneurs.  Plus, tools like this help to instill confidence that their degree and the knowledge that comes with it, can take them anywhere they want to go.  All universities could learn from this kind of tangible support.

[via Springwise]



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