Percolate: Making Content Creation Even Easier

Upon arriving at my desk today, I found my Twitter feed ablaze with talk about Noah Brier’s latest startup, Percolate.  The startup, is essentially a microblogging platform that feeds you select content from Twitter and your Google Reader, and allows you to easily share your thoughts on that content with friends.

In a Fast Company interview about the project, Noah talks about the difficulty of facing the blank box every time you sit down to blog.  It’s daunting, I agree, and the relative isolation of our individual blogs can make figuring out what to write about somewhat difficult.  According to Noah, Twitter revolutionized the game, by shrinking the box.  Now, Percolate aims to get rid of it altogether, by providing you with pieces of content to write about.  Equal parts Tumblr, Twitter and News Reader, Percolate is divided up into a content feed, dubbed the “Filter” and your follower feeds (what people are saying) called the “Brew”.

At first glance this seems to be a worthwhile step forward in helping to make content creation a more accessible and social process, something that Tumblr made strides in but ultimately fell short of.  And isn’t that what all this is about?  Tearing down all the walls preventing us from becoming more informed and inspired human beings?  Kudos to Noah!

By the way, Percolate is still in its double secret alpha phase, so head to Noah’s blog and grab up one of the 30 invites he’s offering up.



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