Google’s Think Quartly Artist Collaboration

Google’s Think Quarterly is an amazing publication for anyone working in the knowledge economy, particularly creatives and innovators.  Covering a wide range of topics, like culture, technology, business, economics and more, this edition revolved around “People.”  Aside from reading it, you should check out the collaboration among 14 UK-based illustrators as well as creative shop, The Church of London, to create a massive mural that would then become the individual covers for hard copy editions sent to key partners.

Love the notion of a giant canvas that everyone collectively works off of.  No rules.  Reminds me of something you’d see in a kindergarten class.  But, admittedly, I’m also really drawn to the simple, whimsical style that each artist brought to the project.

Kudos to everyone involved: Yasmeen Ismail, Paul Layzell, Matthew Hams, Chetan, Hattie Stewart, Dominic Owen, Jasper Dunk, Jean Jullien, Toby Triumph, Ryan Chapman, Maggie Li, Dale Murray, Robbie Brown Shoes, Daniel Frost and The Church of London.

Check out Yasmeen’s site for a nice photo set.


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