The Brands We Drive

To gain a better understanding of American consumers’ relationship with their automobiles, DIY market research firm AYTM, surveyed 2000 U.S. car, truck and SUV owners.  Questions pertained to age, make, model, sentiment, psychological motivators and more.

A fantastic snippet of research that I wanted to share because of how diametrically opposed the responses of males are from females.  I mean, they could not be more opposite in how they feel about their vehicles, what characteristics are most important, and the emotional benefits they’re looking to receive.  Check out the infographic after the break.

Source: ATYM and @cganilo



  1. Christian Gani says:

    Having lived abroad for a few years I’d love to see a similar study done for Europe. It’s always fascinated me that Europeans, as passionate as they are about performance, place a higher value on small/efficient/environmental vehicles as opposed to our obsession here in this country with sedan’s and SUV’s.

    • Totally agree. A cross-cultural look would be interesting, as well. My guess is that you’d find less of the masculine sentiments like “aggression” and “power.” But, who knows. As a former automotive brand guy, I’m curious about how you approached these gender disparities from a communication standpoint.

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