Tom Sachs Reveals Space Program: Mars

Part tribute, part educational endeavor and part cultural commentary, Tom Sachs opens his Space Program: Mars exhibition, transforming the Park Avenue Armory into the surface of the Red Planet.

Space Program: Mars, which opens Wednesday, consists of 50 sculptures, five films and countless zines, which took Sachs and his studio hands three years to create. With the sprawling installation, they’ve attempted to fashion all the life-sustaining gear that would be necessary for humans’ colonization and scientific exploration of Mars, from a food-delivery conveyor belt and an astronaut gym to systems for waste disposal and even a Mars rover. Tucked away amid the exhibit’s simulated launch and capsule-gathering scenarios, visitors will find a few Sachs staples: a place for his tea ceremony and for a signature Jack Daniel’s bottle.

But really, Space Program: Mars isn’t about space. It’s about life on Earth.

“We have to consider how we interact with it,” Sachs said Tuesday, introducing the second phase of his Space Program series. The exhibit considers what we bring with us when we explore new frontiers: What germs do we transport, what parts of our culture do we share and, perhaps most importantly, what do we draw from the experience?

“Science is a comparative act,” said Sachs. “We look to Mars to analyze ourselves. “Earth has been around long enough for slime to turn into things that talk about slime.”

[via Underwire blog]



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