Facebook’s Paul Adams on Social Technology

Paul Adams is a Global Brand Experience and Product Development guy at Facebook and he consistently does an amazing job of looking at our interactions with technology from a human-centric perspective.  Why is this so valuable?  Because tech is changing faster and faster, but human behavior is not.  We need to, first, deeply understand human behavior, and then use that knowledge to look at how technology can meet people’s needs and desires.

To satisfy the above, Paul outlines three social trends which brands must keep at the forefront of their digital and social strategies :

  1. The web is being rebuilt around people.  A web that is designed around you, your friends and your interests is the cornerstone of designing better experiences.
  2. The amount of information we can access is increasing exponentially, while our capacity for memory and information processing remains the same.  This is a central challenge for brands and marketers.
  3. Information will be available everywhere.  Mobile technology allows us to bring our friends, our interests and our friends’ interests everywhere we go.  All of this means that we’ll continue to turn to our friends for information and advice about how to act, what to buy, what to read, etc., because it’s what we’ve been doing since the beginning of civilization.

Marketers need to always, always, always be thinking about brand interaction from this human-centric framework.  Watch the talk and take notes.

[via Simply Zesty]


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