Smallknot lets you invest in the small businesses in your community in exchange for goods, services, special perks and benefits. We work exclusively with local businesses that are looking to expand and grow but need a little extra capital to get there. Maybe your favorite coffee shop wants to build a new back patio, or your favorite pizza place needs a new oven. For a lot of local businesses, even very successful ones, projects like these get put on hold or never happen because of a lack of access to capital. Banks don’t lend to the smallest businesses in your neighborhood, and credit cards are costly and expensive. With Smallknot, you can help fund a project in your neighborhood and get back real value paid back in kind and at a premium.

I love this.  The site design is nothing short of gorgeous. It’s like Kickstarter for small businesses with loyal customers.  Instead of banks and investment capitalists, Smallknot allows small business owners to rally their most loyal supporters and advocates, turning them into micro-investors, who benefit through exclusive product and service offerings.  Seeing this emerge reminds me of a Fast Company piece written earlier this year by Bruce Nussbaum, entitled 4 Reasons Why The Future of Capitalism is Homegrown, Small Scale and Independent.

In the article, he begins to outline the silhouette of a new form of commerce, which he dubs indie capitalism, characterized by businesses that are neither local or global, but communal.  They’re social, like actually social, meaning many parties contribute to the process from conception to production.  The products, materials, structures and services have numerous layers of meaning.  Everything is sourced, built and done for very specific reasons, not to maximize profits.  Quality trumps quantity, and authenticity and partnership are the bedrock of “brand.”

Things to look forward to…


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