Gigaom: Why Arrested Development On Netflix Could Change Everything

Arrested Development is one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen. Period. If you haven’t seen it, and like super witty, multi-layered comedy with rich characters, this is your show.  Catch up on Netflix now.

Those of you that already love the show know that it is returning after being off the air for 5+ years, with a full season (10-13 episodes, depending on who you talk to) that will air exclusively on Netflix.  Following this, they’ll be releasing a full length film that further continues the story.

I, like the writer of this piece from Gigaom, see this as an event that will affect the futures of both television and web-based content.  If it works, many others will follow suit.  If not, the future of our media may take another path.

It’s a long time until the spring of 2013, but looking forward it’s hard to imagine a more important signpost for the convergence of television and the web than Arrested Development. If it succeeds, it’ll legitimize a whole new distribution platform and business model. And if it fails, well, we’ll at least get to see Tobias in his cutoffs again.

The TV singularity approaching us consumers of media is at times a scary one: We’re used to shows that cost millions an episode, but we’re also now used to consuming whatever we want, wherever and whenever we want. Some people think that going forward, these two mindsets won’t be able to co-exist. But Netflix seems to disagree, and the Bluths may be the ones to prove it.

[Read the entire piece here]


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