Darkened Cities

Thierry Cohen is an accomplished Parisian photographer who recently completed a project called Darkened Cities, which involved photographing cityscapes around the world and superimposing them on to the corresponding night sky that would be visible if there were no light pollution.

The resulting photos possess a sort of ominous beauty that makes even the staggering  accomplishment our mega-cities seem small and insignificant.

Shanghai 31° 13' 27'' N 2012-03-20 Lst 13:57

Shanghai 31° 13′ 27” N 2012-03-20 Lst 13:57

Ground Zero 40° 42' 43'' N 2010-10-14 Lst 3:42

Ground Zero 40° 42′ 43” N 2010-10-14 Lst 3:42

San Francisco 37° 48' 30'' N 2010-10-9 Lst 20:58

San Francisco 37° 48′ 30” N 2010-10-9 Lst 20:58

[via Visual News]


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