The NY Times and The Future of Digital Storytelling


I came across this about a week ago and have been meaning to share it. The New York Times released a story by John Branch entitled Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek. It’s essentially a recounting of an avalanche that took place in the backcountry behind the Stevens Pass ski area in Washington.

The story, released in a series of parts is gripping in and of itself, but what makes it so special is how The Times integrated media to further bring it to life. Rich animations, photo galleries, and embedded videos triggered to play in accordance with the readers’ scrolling on the page take this piece to an entirely new level.


Experiencing it made me realize just how archaic and unimaginative digital storytelling has been up to this point. Reading an article from any major online publisher is barely different than if it had been written in a book 50 years ago, save for some links and the occasional piece of media.

What The Times has done, and I’m sure they’re not the first, is show us how artfully integrated media can bring a story to life for the reader. A tremendous amount of reporting went into this, so I won’t spoil the ending but definitely take some time to give it a look.

[via Lean Back 2.0]


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