About Jake

Jake Thomas is an Associate Strategist at Action Marketing Group, an experiential and social media marketing agency in Boulder.  Having attended the University of Colorado, studying everything from Astrophysics and Neuroscience to Creative Writing and Psychology, he found a natural home in the marketing industry, which, from what he can tell, undervalues nothing.  Trudging through a multi-faceted and rigorous scientific background, Jake has found a natural passion for the social sciences.  To become any more precise about his interests, would be to discount so much of what gets him up every morning.  His ideal day at the office involves a healthy balance of reading, writing, researching, presenting and brainstorming.  He is still awaiting formal acceptance into the Jedi Academy.



  1. jimgilmore2010 says:

    Interesting blog. I’m going to bookmark it.


  2. Very cool blog! Thanks for the post on Declaration Clothing! We loved it!


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