Camp 4 Collective: Sanctity of Space


Camp 4 Collective’s Renan Ozturk is working on a passion project called the Sanctity of Space alongside Freddie Wilkinson, a film about “the alchemy of landscape and people amidst the mountains of Alaska.” The clip above, called The Ridge was filmed this past June in Denali National Park.

They’re using a Cineflex Elite camera system that’s externally mounted to the hull of the chopper which these guys operate via a laptop control box from inside. Pretty cutting edge stuff.

Film is set to release sometime in 2015 and I could not be more excited.


Weekend Wisdom


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Breakbot: Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane)

Amazing music video found on The Fox is Black.

Denver Comic Con

I had the opportunity to attend Denver Comic Con this weekend and wanted to share a few choice photos courtesy of the Denver Post.  Amazing community of people at these events.

Denver Comic Con

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Denver Comic Con

Denver Comic Con at the Colorado Convention Center


Denver Comic Con  Denver Comic Con

Denver Comic Con

Denver Comic Con at the Colorado Convention Center

Sarah Sze’s Triple Point at the Venice Biennial

Lots of amazing artwork to be seen from the Venice Biennial this week.  The video above features Sarah Sze discussing her improvisation installation, Triple Point.

“The spontaneous is always where it’s the most interesting for the artist and for the viewer…Improvisation is crucial. I want the work to to have this feeling that it was improvised; that you can see decisions happening on site the way you see a live sports event—the way you hear jazz.”

Read more on Artsy.

The Manhattan Projects

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 12.43.34 PM

The Manhattan Projects is a pretty rad little comic that’s been out for about a year now.  It asks, what if the actual Manhattan Project was really just a front for a number of other highly unusual science experiments carried out by a super-team of scientists including Einstein, Oppenheimer, Fermi and others?  It’s sci-fi with an extra dose of science.  Aside from it being a great comic, I wanted to post it here because of how big of a departure the modern minimalistic cover artwork (show above) is from what you’d normally see in this realm.  Really stunning, in my opinion.


Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 11.31.40 AM

Love love love this concept.  Further proof that indie capitalism is alive and well.  What is Maker Haus? I’ll let them explain…

Frustrated by the lack of access to tools and prototyping equipment in Seattle, we decided to establish a place that allowed our community of creative minds to learn, discover, create, and collaborate all under one roof. We are an incubator and facilitator for those creative minds who need access to professional tools and prototyping equipment to support their businesses and bring their own design ideas to life.

MakerHaus is a studio environment with a professional staff from diverse backgrounds in design, manufacturing, creative strategy, and business. Napkin sketches, Kickstarter dreams, and design challenges of all kinds welcome!

It’s basically a space that provides entrepreneurs with resources like a metal and wood shop, 3D printers, laser cutting, classrooms, conference rooms, and event space, a material library and more, all accessed through a membership-based system.  Here’s a video of two aspiring guitar makers talking about how Maker Haus is helping them to scale their business:

National Geographic’s Found Tumblr

As a celebration of National Geographic’s 125th anniversary of being “The Most Interesting Publication in the World” they have created an ever-expanding archive their most amazing photojournalism from around the world via Tumblr.  The photos are stunning.  I’ve compiled a nice smattering here, but definitely add their site to your feed.





tumblr_mkqkv4UMtM1s7f3fyo1_1280[All images via National Geographic Found]

Patton Oswald’s Star Wars Filibuster

Television is becoming so much more interesting because it has the ability to comment and contribute to popular culture, allowing it to fit into the larger spectrum of our lives in a way that films cannot. This clip, aside from being an awesome performance by Oswald is a good example of that.

Movies these days suck for a lot of reasons, but to their credit, they’re challenged with transporting us to a separate reality that prohibits the acknowledgement of seemingly insignificant cultural blips like the much anticipated screenplay for Star Wars Episode VII.

Culture is speeding up.  The stories we tell are becoming relevant for shorter and shorter periods of time and while film will always have a place in our lives, it’s far less equipped to deal with this dynamic.

Thanks for the share Dave.

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches


The latest iteration of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign is marketing at its best: honest, insightful and artfully delivered.

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