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Wealth Inequality in America


Over the past three decades, American companies have gone from below average profits to the highest in history, meanwhile paying the lowest employee salaries on record, both as a percentage of the overall economy.  Make no mistake, business is booming, but 90% of this country isn’t reaping any of the benefits [Source].

Income inequality is the central issue facing America today.  There is nothing more crucial to our future success and security; not the deficit, not gun violence, not the environment, not unemployment, nothing.

Sever the ties between our government and big business, and you deliver this problem a devastating blow that frees up politicians to pass legislation that benefits the majority rather than the minority.  It is that simple.

Ron Howard on How ESPN Could be Improved


Well said. Howard’s point applies to good storytelling in all of it’s forms.

I found this clip in a Grantland article that uses Joseph Campbell’s comparative mythology work on the Hero’s Journey as a template for redesigning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.  Not sure I’ve ever seen a blog post that melds two things this unrelated into such an interesting and useful commentary.

Hero’s Journey x Dunking = Awesomeness

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This is What a Really Good Social Media Strategy Looks Like

The DDC 50 Point Plan to Ruin Your Career

Portland/CreativeMornings – Aaron James Draplin from CreativeMornings/Portland on Vimeo.

Aaron James Draplin, founder of the Draplin Design Company in Portland, as well as Field Notes, gave a kick ass presentation a number of months back called “The DDC 50 Point Plan to Ruin Your Career.” Aaron and the talk are amazing. Definitely worth the 45 minutes.

It’s really a list of 50 points to live and work by, some directed specifically at artists and designers, but most are universal. Some of my favorites: enjoy the goddamned moment, love where you’re from, work with yer friends, lose the crutch, exhibit a little humility, pay off those fucking school loans now, etc., etc.

Watch the talk and be humorously inspired.

Thanks for sharing Chad!

Kanye Wes is my new favorite Tumblr

Kanye Wes combines the lyrics of Kanye West with scenes from Wes Anderson films. If two more eccentrically wonderful things have ever seen a marriage this beautiful, please let me know.


The Instagram Menu

The Instagram Menu from Raul Mandru on Vimeo.


Deutsch LA just unveiled a new offering that they’re calling The Inventionist.  Its essentially built around the idea of helping their clients to conceive of and develop digital products and services versus just creating advertising for the products they’re given. Clients could range from global brands all the way down to budding startups. I love the idea and Deutsch’s commitment to offering more substantive services to brands.

Why is this sort of agency skillset/service offering important? Deutsch’s chief digital officer, Winston Binch put it perfectly:

We think great advertising can do a whole lot for a brand, but remarkable products are the best ads. When we’re doing our job, we’re solving business problems. Sometimes we feel like the best way to do that is through ancillary products or services.

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ThePresent, by: m ss ng p eces

Super excited to be working with the folks at m ss ng p eces on some upcoming client work.  Below is a video summarizing one of their side projects, a seasonal clock, that strives to assist us in capturing and crystallizing the many beautiful moments that make up our lives.  Thanks for the share Christian.


Amplify is a business, created in partnership with AT&T that will leverage digital tools and technologies to improve the teaching and learning experience in K-12 eduction.


Joel Klein, CEO of Amplify, put it this way, “It is our aim to amplify the power of digital innovation to transform teaching and learning and to help schools deliver fundamentally better experiences and results…Amplify will introduce new products in a thoughtful way, so that technology can finally live up to its promise to advance learning and augment teaching for students, teachers and parents everywhere.”


Amplifty is divided up into three key areas of focus, including:

  • Amplify Insight: which will use advanced education analytics to learn about and assess strengths and weaknesses within the teaching process, enabling administrators and teachers to adapt their techniques to the individual needs of their students.
  • Amplify Learning: will create a new natively-digital curriculum that re-invents the teaching and learning process, initially focusing on English, Science and Math.
  • Amplify Access: is developing a tablet-based platform that will bundle curricular content that extends the classroom beyond the walls of the school and hours of the traditional school day. Analytics and 4G connectivity will enable personalized instruction anywhere.

And if that’s not enough, they’ve created a content-rich digital forum that allows anyone with a passion for teaching and learning to remain abreast to the latest research and insights impacting education in America.  Seriously, check out the website.  It’s really well done.

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